Among the undersigned namely, on the one hand, PERIGRAPHY "trade name" domiciled in Obarrio, Samuel Lewis, who will hereinafter be referred to as "THE ASSIGNEE" and on the other hand THE CEDENT we have entered into a USE ASSIGNMENT Contract, hereinafter the "Contract", which will be governed by the following statements and clauses:

  • FIRST: PERIGRAPHY, Platform designed with the objective of supporting artists by making their works known through our platform, we will also serve as a bridge to find potential customers for their works or properties. Our commitment as THE ASSIGNEE is to promote, promote and sell all types of articles, works or pieces of artists or legitimate owners of the goods they transfer.
  • SECOND: THE CEDENT declares that he is the owner of his work or property, that he possesses the necessary documents to demonstrate that he is the legal owner of the article, piece or work that he presents to us and authorizes to promote by means of the present document.
  • THIRD: THE CEDENT grants us full freedom to disseminate their works, assigning their rights as author, or owner of the property established in the previous point, for proper promotion and / or sale.
  • FOURTH: That the duration of this session is for as long as the CEDENT so decides. Once the CEDENT terminates the subscription he must log into the system and cancel his membership.
  • FIFTH: That the ASSIGNEE has the exclusive right to commercialize the work or property which in this document is transferred to the ASSIGNEE.
  • SIXTH: This License Agreement constitutes law for the parties.

In light of the foregoing, the parties agree as follows:


THE CEDENT grants THE ASSIGNEE the right to use the property rights corresponding to his work or property. Said Assignment may be operated in the Republic of Panama, and/or anywhere in the world.

In return, THE ASSIGNEE undertakes to market the goods set out in this document at THE CEDENT.


This Session shall enter into force and shall be binding on both parties for such term as THE SELLER so deems and shall be counted from the date of its acceptance, its validity being subject to compliance with the terms thereof. Before the (30) days prior to the expiration of the membership, THE ASSIGNEE shall have the right to be offered a new membership for as long as he so requires, under the same conditions as the previous one. THE SELLER shall be in peace and safety with THE ASSIGNEE at the time of expiration of the Contract. The SESSION Contract to be offered to THE ASSIGNEE shall be essentially in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CESION Contract commonly used by THE ASSIGNEE at that time. THE SELLER, at its discretion, may provide educational material to THE ASSIGNEE, for the proper promotion of the work or else ASSIGNED in this document, for the purpose of updating THE ASSIGNEE on issues relating to the work or to ensure the quality of services and economic results of what is offered.


THE ASSIGNEE is a corporation duly formed under the laws of Panama.


THE ASSIGNEE shall permit the use of the goods or works "in relation to art" for the purpose of promoting and promoting the works, in order to support the author and encourage him in his growth as an artist. THE ASSIGNEE shall operate the transfer of use of the work or in accordance with the methods, standards and specifications set out in this document.


THE SELLER acknowledges that, during the term of this membership, THE ASSIGNEE shall have access to and become familiar with the necessary information on the work or techniques and procedures, which are not known to the general public, but which are needed to promote the work or which are stipulated therein. Information concerning pricing, inventory management, instruction manuals, techniques, materials, procedures or formulations, operation, programming, advertising and image. For the benefit of THE SELLER, THE ASSIGNEE undertakes and undertakes to take all necessary measures to preserve and protect the information from any unauthorised publication, disclosure, communication or exhibition. THE SELLER shall have the right to use the exclusive signs to distinguish works or goods both locally and internationally.


THE SELLER, for no reason will use in a personal way or through other means the signs or distinctions that THE SELLER has designated to him. THE ASSIGNEE may take legal action to prevent the violation of the rights protected by the distinctive signs.


The CEDENT grants sufficient guarantees about the originality of the works or goods agreed in this document.


Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall be settled by arbitration under law binding on the parties, the arbitral tribunal shall function as follows: Each of the parties in conflict will appoint an arbitrator (who must be a lawyer) and the third arbitrator will be appointed by the center for conciliation and arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Panama, which will be the entity responsible for processing the respective arbitral tribunal under its own rules. PARAGRAPH: In case of resorting to arbitration the domicile of the arbitral tribunal shall be the City of Panama, the decision of the tribunal may be in conscience, the rules and fees shall be fixed by the center of conciliation and arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Panama and its decision shall be enforceable in the United States of America.


This Agreement is signed in Panama City, Republic of Panama and all rights hereunder shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Panama and the parties fix as domicile for any purpose, the City of Panama. RENUNCIATION A waiver of either party's rights in the event of the other's breach or contravention of the terms of the Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent contravention.


Notifications may be made in the following ways: By e-mail, Certified Mail, Direct Mail or Courier Service, and shall be deemed received within three (3) days after shipment. PARAGRAPH: Any of the following will be accepted as proof of notification: The report via Email, accompanied by the copy of the original document, the completed receipt from the shipping company or courier, the signed copy of the document, or the receipt from the post office.


This CESION may not be modified.


If any article and/or clause of this CESION is declared invalid by a competent judge, the validity and validity of the remaining articles and/or clauses shall not be affected.


CEDENT made the following statements: Who has read and reviewed the complete copy of the CESSION, provided by THE SELLER, before signing it. Who has read and reviewed this CESSION, understands and accepts its terms and conditions and understands that such terms and conditions are necessary for THE SELLER to maintain and promote with efficiency and quality in order to protect and preserve the property OF THE CLOOD. That neither THE ASSIGNEE, nor any of its managers, directors, shareholders, employees or agents has provided any information contrary to or different from that established in the content of this ASSIGNMENT.


In case of a translation of these terms into one or more languages, the language of interpretation will be Spanish in case of contradiction or dispute over the meaning of a term or provision.